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How to Make Essential Oils

Ancient Indians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Chinese have used essential oils for almost 6,000 years for therapeutic, spiritual, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. You can make essential oils yourself from herbs, plants, trees and fruits in your garden using the same methods as people from these cultures. Store the essential oils in brown or blue...

How and Why to Use an Essential Oils Nebulizer

Which Essential Oil Companies Should YOU Buy From? My surprising findings on my quest to find the best!

I love simple & informative charts! Check out this one from Dana Claudat! How To Feng Shui & Change Your Life | The Tao of Dana

Essential Oils for Women's Health - Proverbial Homemaker -

Lavender for Burns, Allergies, Cuts and Relaxation. Young Living oils. For more information visit Distributor# 2250982

List of Carrier Oils and Their Benefits