• Kim Andrews

    If you want to be free from Fears, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks, we have the answer to them all!

  • Lindsey Rathje

    Tootsie, a little black cat who was left to die after a hit&run does hydrotherapy to recover the movement on his right leg. Tootsie started on the long road to recovery with just ninety second dips while wearing a harness to help lower him in & out of the pool. But by the end of the 6week training plan he was able to swim freely w/out his safety rope or harness for 20 minutes at a time. Hydrotherapy is an established method of rebuilding weak & damaged muscles both in people & in animals.

  • Toyia Bingham

    just keep swimming... Now that's a crazy cat!

  • Laney Lee

    kitty cat

  • Lise Lise

    #animals #cats #blackcats

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