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Growing old together.............. I pray we are able to do this one day

ok, he has no hair, and I fight grey with brown hair color...

Consider these ways to cut your monthly costs in retirement: Eliminating your mortgage is one of the best ways to make retirement more affordable because it rem


walk to remember by - Can't wait to grow old with you ♥

Only Jesus can them like Jesus with your actions & words #Jesus #Christianity #salvation

Painfully honest is the best way to go. If it costs you a relationship, it wasn't the right relationship.

I know a couple folks like this. One woman I used to work with; everthing was about how many cars they had, their vacation home, the vacations they take 3 X a year. It's enough to make you want to punch her in the throat, especially when she started whining that their insurance bill was outrageous. Yeah, I guess so!