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A Brief History of Photojournalism

A Brief History of Photojournalism | Light Stalking

A Brief History of Photojournalism | Light Stalking

Astounding! Dorothea Lange, Mère migrante (Migrant Mother), 1936

Life Magazine April 1947

Gordon Parks, America Gothic

Walker Evans: [Lunchroom Window, New York] (1971.646.35) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photography Cheatsheets - Shooting Modes everything anyone with a camera wants to know.

Cheat sheet! I've always been a fan of manual photography. I think it's more impressive to TAKE a great photo than to edit a photo to be great. Don't get me wrong though, I like editing software as well.

Beginner’s Guide To Better Quality Photography

When taking photos of precious moments with your children, look for opportunities to capture little things like this. Sometimes body language is just as cute as a headshot.

10 photographers every student should study

READ THIS!!! Over 100 tutorials to improve your photography via Click it Up a Notch

Nikon D7000 For Dummies - Cheat Sheet

full program Dodge and Burn retouch tutorial by ~EverythingsMagic

101 portrait photography tips