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In the 1890s, George F. Barber, architect from Knoxville, TN custom designed home for the Harvey Lafollette family, namesake of Lafollette, TN. Glen Oaks is said to be the largest Geo. Barber designed house in existence.

Knoxville, TN George Barber was a prolific architect. Rather than working with individual clients and supervising construction he worked on a mass scale. He and his team of designers and draftsmen made hundreds of pattern books that were sold around the globe by mail order catalog. Barber was based in nearby Knoxville, TN and you can still find many George Barber homes there.

A similar example existed in Knoxville, TN where George spent his professional career, making GORGEOUS. Not surprisingly, the Knoxville example of this pattern went to be with Jesus. Demolished possibly during the construction of Interstate 40.

Bonham TX George Barber designed house Said to date from the 1880s so that would likely make this house the oldest George Barber designed house still standing in Northeast Texas. Barber had only been selling house plans to a national clientele after 1887 but this homes original owner must have been an early fan of Barbers designs. I think by the time this house was built, Barber may have already moved his house plans firm from DeKalb, IL to Knoxville, TN where during the next decade and a ha

Calvert Texas George F. Barber designed Parish House Inn. It is one of two George Franklin Barber designed houses in Calvert both on Gregg St. This view shows the talent of Geo. Barber (Knoxville, TN mail order architect in the 1890s) in making a house he designed look picturesque from any angle