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  • Fabriana Watts

    Growing pains!! what a great childhood memory

  • Lindsay Tomlinson

    !!!!!!!!Growing Pains!!!!!!!! I loved this show growing up!

  • Tara McCrudden

    Growing Pains - '80s TV Show

  • Shelly Garner

    TV Shows From The 80S fell in love with Kirk Cameron. Named first born Cameron shh don't tell Brice

  • Sowellread

    Growing Pains . . . Pre-fame Leonardo DiCaprio, pre-born-again Kirk Cameron, mid-anorexia Tracey Gold . . . .

  • Ali Weidenbach

    Growing Pains--My all time favorite tv show growing up....I watched it from beginning to end....I was even in the Kirk Cameron fan club ;-)

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Growing Pains! Back in the day Kirk Cameron actually said "Boner" no pun intended that was his BFF on the show! I was inlove with Kirk Cameron just as every other 10yr old girl!!!! SWOON!!!!

Every teenage girl had to watch this show and to see the cutie pie Kirk Cameron whose character was Mike Seaver on the show. The show aired for seven seasons starting on 9/24/1985 and ending on 4/25/1992.

Just The Ten of Us - I remember the theme song to this show too - "I'm doing it the best I can...seeing it from where I stand...nothing comes easy. Oh, I'm always bringing home second places at the end of every one of my days..." Does anyone else have information like this stored in their brain?

I remember how magical it was that the juice and milk disappeared...where did it go?!

LifeSavers - Strawberry Créme Savers Hard Candy. What happened to these???

Remember these?! Fruit-flavored candy sugar in fruit-shaped bottles. I used to LOVE these!

Mr. Goodbody. He was creepy and vaguely Richard Simmons-esque....thought I had blocked him from my memory!!

I believe was was wearing these on my 1986 wedding day. (how embarassing, lol!)

i was always jealous of my cousins rainbow bright doll, brings back the memories :)

I don't know which I love more, the record player or the Rudolph record! This is what i got when i asked for a "stereo"!

Ladybird Well Loved Tales - The Three Billy Goats Gruff was my favourite story my father used to read to me as a child