“The average life span of a transgendered person is twenty-three years. The statistic is shocking, until it begins to make sense. Gender non-conformists face routine exclusion and violence. Transgendered people are disproportionately poor, homeless, and incarcerated. Many of the systems and facilities intended to help low-income people are sex-segregated and thereby alienate those who don’t comply with state-imposed categories. A trans woman may not be able to secure a bed in a homeless shel...

1 out of 3 women and girls world-wide have been a victim of violence or sexual abuse. We have the power to change this! #IWD pic.twitter.com/r9M4ShlUjf Read more: 4 killer facts why Oxfam is supporting International Women's Day http://oxf.am/w6C #IWD2014

California Artist Builds Shelters For The Homeless From Upcycled Garbage


"My little black dress does not mean yes!" #feminism #equality #consent #rapeculture #rape #activism #stencil

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This is exactly the reason that 'enlightened' liberalist ideals of 'colourblindness' will NOT work to eradicate racism...


More feminist vandalism :)

Feminine is not anti-feminist

sexual abuse

Don't breed or buy while homeless die! ADOPT a pet!

You're So Pretty

I don't know why this is so hilarious!!

His face! I can't stop laughing!

What did you say?

gender is and gender is not

I believe this, and it's important to try and be the same person in each one. Nobody likes a two-faced person. Imagine how people would feel about a THREE-face person :/

* GenderFluid - A GenderQueer person whose gender identity can change with mood or circumstance. A fluid person may identify as a man at one point in time, a woman at another time, bigender at another, third gender, or agender at any given point.

Audrey Hepburn spent many years in Africa helping the helpless. Yet all the pictures on Pinterest show her as a fashion icon. Fashion passes in a wink, compassion lasts forever.

Being Gender-Fluid . . .