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“The average life span of a transgendered person is twenty-three years. The statistic is shocking, until it begins to make sense. Gender non-conformists face routine exclusion and violence. Transgendered people are disproportionately poor, homeless, and incarcerated. Many of the systems and facilities intended to help low-income people are sex-segregated and thereby alienate those who don’t comply with state-imposed categories. A trans woman may not be able to secure a bed in a homeless…


Rethink Homelessness

Signs held by some of America's homeless to make you re-think the negative stereotypes held about the homeless population.

I believe this, and it's important to try and be the same person in each one. Nobody likes a two-faced person. Imagine how people would feel about a THREE-face person :/

* GenderFluid - A GenderQueer person whose gender identity can change with mood or circumstance. A fluid person may identify as a man at one point in time, a woman at another time, bigender at another, third gender, or agender at any given point.

Ch3. Trans* Spectrum: A 101 to understanding non-binary gender. Binary masculine and feminine ideals are stated to be a reachable pinnacle of expectations that no real human can totally fulfill. This photo negates the influence we adopt as false and morally unethical towards binary gender norms

shoutriotgrrrl: Created by Jesemynn Cacka  "Gender equality rights for all.  + Non-binary sex =/= non-binary gender. Which is a bit harder to word succintly. Reblogged here because most of us non-binary people have binary sex bodies. (I know there are intersex non-binary people, and people who transition to non-binary sex bodies.) Your sex never dictates your gender, and your gender doesn't dictate your sex."

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Since When Is Being Homeless A Crime? Well, In Some Places, Since Yesterday.

I see this everyday at the homeless day room that I work for!!Since When Is Being Homeless A Crime? Well, and in some states and localities, it is. The government needs to create public service jobs and fund the demand for private sector jobs, and then raise the minimum wage to be a "Living" wage, then homelessness will go away, dignity will be restored, and poverty will be eliminated !!

everyone comes with baggage. find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack. he helped me :) love my j *aj*

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I love this for the classroom. My kids would really benefit from this.

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21 Examples Of The 1% Standing With The 99%

Examples Of The 1% Standing With The 99%

Intelligent people are more likely to avoid conflict which explains why some people notice everything but choose to say nothing.