Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad Iraq

palms Iraq Iraq .. Baghdad Rasoul Ali نخيل العراق العراق .. بغداد رسول علي

Marsh Arab Village - Iraq’s ‘Garden of Eden'; unique wetlands in southern Iraq where a people known as the Ma’dan, or ‘Arabs of the marsh’, lived in a Mesopotamian Venice, characterised by beautifully elaborate floating houses made entirely of reeds harvested from the open water.

pre-war baghdad iraq

the fairy pools on the isle of skye, scotland

Los Angeles

Accommodations :) get cozy. Balad, Iraq

Austin, Texas

Baghdad, Iraq

Al Faw Palace Baghdad, Iraq

Embassy Entrance Green Zone Iraq

The al-Shaheed Monument, or Martyrs Monument, Baghdad, Iraq is dedicated to the Iraqi soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war. by Guy Thouvenin


My hometown-St. Louis, Mo.

san diego

Mosul - Iraq

Rijeka, Croatia my beautiful birth city

Cairo, Egypt, words cannot describe how much I love my country, even if its not doing too well at the moment! #egypt #proudtobeegyptian #home