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decellularized "Ghost" Heart The cells are removed by a chemical process, leaving only Extracellular matrix, so the new cells of the transplantee, which match the DNA, can be grown on this heart, so the rejection of the organ doesn't happen. It's still in the experimental stage, but it is promising.

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@Alison Hobbs Osborn You have a cute animals board, right?

Mind. Blown.

Mind. Blown.

Mind. Blown.


Race Walking

Race walking. Awkward.


Nothing else to do…

And when someone interrupts me @Brianna Falt

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Matt McGorry (Bennett on OITNB) posted this on Instagram captioned "Gotta shout out my fabulous makeup team that makes me look camera ready every day". Someone took a cute video of an actor poking fun at himself & expressing gratitude to his team, & turned it into an ugly meme lashing out at women by adding the "how makeup works" title. Matt is a huge supporter of feminism & is extremely against sexist jokes, so it's disappointing some moron stole & manipulated his content without consent.