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It's no secret. I love LARGE cat's and as the caption says these cat's behave like dog's. They love going on walks greet you with a head butt and play in the water. The only thing keeping me from owning one is that they are super expensive! 1500-2000 $ per kitten.

Savannah Cat Don’t be surprised if your nimble savannah cat runs away to join the circus.

The Savannah was accepted by TICA for registration in 2001. This large breed cat is tall, lean and very graceful. It is also affectionate and enjoys energetic games where running and jumping are the main activities.

Savannah cat; although over $1k they are a leopard bloodline cat that has a dogs temperament

I want a Savannah Cat SOOO bad! Who wants to give me $4,000-$10,000? Anyone? Please!

OK so, THIS IS A BIG FRIGGIN CAT!!! The Savannah cat is the largest breed of house cat in the world. Though i’m not really sure you can call it a house cat since its mammoth size is achieved by breeding a house cat with an African Serval. If your unfamiliar with the Serval it is a small but vicious cousin of the cheetah. But still I think this would effectively solve the pet tiger fantasy wealthy boxers tend to have.

the king of Sólvallagata | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

~The Savannah is a domestic hybrid cat breed. It is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. (The first was bred with a Siamese)~

savannah cat pictures | Savannah. Cat cheetah