Light Up Ice Cubes

Ability to switch colors. Add fun and excitement to your vases or drinking glass with these light up ice cubes.

MADE Halloween 2010 Blacklight party. It's fantastic what a little tonic water can do.

raspberry ice cubes... with a glass of lemonade!

How to make glow-in-the-dark neon ice cubes

Kahlua Float made with Kahlua and champagne: 1 tsp corn syrup. 1 Tbs chocolate jimmies. 1 scoop espresso (or coffee) ice cream. 1.5 oz kahlua. Champagne (about 1/8 cup). #Drinks #Cocktail


rainbow ice cubes. mix koolaid and pour into ice trays. then put in glass of sprite or gingerale! Makes a great punch too

Holiday Drink...Freeze coffee as ice cubes and toss in a cup of Baileys and Vanilla Vodka


Astro Pop. 1 oz Vodka & 1 oz Sour mix. Shake with ice & strain into cup. 1/2 oz Grenadine slowly poured down side. Then 1/2 oz Blue Curaçao slowly down side. They will layer..

Kool Aid ice cubes + Sprite. As they melt, the drink changes flavor. genius.

cut up orange or lemon slices and let them soak in some food colouring. freeze them and add them to a drink. great idea for parties!

LED Ice Cubes for Glowing Neon Drinks!

confetti garden

Freeze slices of lemon or lime and use them in place of ice cubes.

Refreshing uncommon fragrance note found in Aesthetic Content's Sereno Seas Luxury Scented Candles

DIY :: edible flower ice cubes, raspberry + herbs ice cubes and lavender + mint ice cubes

Fireball Cider Bomb Cocktail Ice Cubes (approximately 4 or 5 ice cubes) 2 ounces Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey 3 ounces apple cider Apple slices #fireball