paper quilling by yulia brodskaya | Yulia Brodskaya Quilling: Lush and Vibrant Artworks

Yulia Brodskaya is a quilling artist and illustrator. She uses unique quilling techniques. Enjoy viewing of Yulia Brodskaya quilling and reading interview with Yulia Brodskaya.

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20 Astonishing Quilling Artworks By Yulia Brodskaya

Using a centuries-old technique known as quilling, Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya manipulates strips of colorful paper by rolling, looping and curling them into decorative shapes. Paper art by Yulia Brodskaya: Firebird

Amor em dobras S2: Quilling modelos e passo à passo

Use our easy paper quilling instructions to roll paper coils of various shapes, ready to assemble into delightful designs to use on your handmade cards or scrapbook pages.


Paper Quilling is using rolled up pieces of paper to make art. It started as a hobby for nuns and priests. They would cut the edges from the pages of books and create art from …

Free Paper Quilling Tutorials | Honey's Quilling

Free paper quilling tutorials - learn how to do basic quilling shapes, special quilling shapes, and fun quilling projects including a lot of earrings!

Paper Quilling Scrolls Practice Printable Worksheet |

Paper Quilling Scrolls Practice Printable Worksheet

Learn the names and designs of paper quilling scroll types and then practice quilling them with this Paper Quilling Scrolls Practice Printable Worksheet. You can get this free printable detailing these scrolls, print it out, and practice scrolling.

Tips on Making Paper Quilled Folded Circles for Malaysian Flowers - Tutorial by Honey's Quilling

With this tutorial, learn several tips on making these folded circles. Folded circles are the shape that is typically used to make the well known Malaysian Flower.