Hurva Synagogue By Louis Kahn I hope some day they will build this. One of Kahn's best.

"Louis Kahn’s unbuilt Hurva Synagogue, as rendered by Kent Larsen for the book Unbuilt Masterworks, a collection of digital constructions of Kahn’s proposals." Without even knowing that this is a synagogue, this immediately looks very peaceful and calm.

Zig Zag Flats in Zeeburg, Amsterdam, by Rod Monkey

Rod Monkey, Zig Zag Zeeburg The wonderful facade of the block of flats known as Hoop, Liefde en Fortuin (Hope, Love and Fortune - 3 windmills which used to stand in this location) in the district of Zeeburg, Amsterdam.

Un projet de design d'intérieur a toujours besoin d'un peu d'inspiration architecturale. Découvrez des détails de conception d'éclairage plus luxueux sur

As always, inspiration by Zaha Hadid has been a success, for my model I could use interior wall designs! Zaha Hadid Central Bank in Iraq

Brutalist Stair Downtown Atlanta

Brutalist Stair Downtown Atlanta, photo by Isaiah King - Brutalist architecture is a style of architecture that flourished from the to the spawned from the modernist architectural movement. Brutalism rapidly became popular with governments