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I'll be making some like this for my wall, but probably crocheting with fabric strips.

Edgings crocheting school - very comprehensive crochet stitch picture tutorial

Strife, when left unchecked and dealt with, leads to broken homes and broken families. Satan laughs. We need to learn to recognize strife and contention and discord, early on. We can rebuke it in the Name of Jesus Christ. We can learn communication that quelches the strife and that, like water, extinguishes a fire. God blesses those who do not cause strife and discord.

Crocheted hangers - use the MAGiC NO TAIL KNOT to tie scraps together for this project!

With very neutral colors for the room, I love the idea of the bright colorful afghan and rug. ( I want more color in my walls- but I like this look too)

Colorful crochet needles - aren't these pretty. I'd ♥ some. :-)

romantic crochet stool cover from yvonne eijkenduijn - i wonder if i can somehow incorporate this idea into the repainting/decoration of my side table