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✮ This photo shows the front details of the Old Believer's Russian Orthodox church

✮ St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

✮ Basilica of the Sacred Heart South Bend, Indiana

✭ St.Patrick's Cathedral, NYC

✮ Exterior view of a Gothic cathedral's facade through an archway

✮ Castle in the Sky

✯ St Louis Cathedral at Night - New Orleans, LA

✯ Castle Magic in Sandpoint, Idaho

✯ St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City..... from above

✯ Church Alter - Dordogne Region, France

✯ Sacred Heart Cathedral Alter

✯ Saint Peter's Church

✯ Frauenkirche Church of our lady, Nuremberg, Germany

✯ Den Tilsandede Kirke church in Denmark

✯ Segovia Cathedral in Spain

✯ St Michaels Church - Jersey City, NJ - Absolutely Gorgeous!

✯ Russian Church

✯ Twightlight Temple - Utah

✯ Castle in Idaho

✯ Milano Duomo Detail - Italy

✯ Island Castle, Loch Laich, Scotland

✯ Island Castle, Chenonceau, France

✯ Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

✯ Lake Castle, Trakai, Lithuania

✯ Seaside Castle, Venezia, Guilia, Italy