Unleash The Beast 3: Sweat Revenge! Intense 1000 Rep Total Body Challenge

Definitely want to try this 1000 Rep Workout // Legs & Abs from @Peanut Butter Fingers


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12 min a day, 30 day challenge. Month before important occasion

14 Day Toned Arms Challenge

The Petite Athleat: The "300" Abs Challenge. The ORIGINAL source of the best 15 minute Ab workout.

Do daily! Huge difference!

30 day plank challenge

#0143: because I'm striving for progress, not perfection


someone said: 30-day ab challenge. I just had to repin this because I've been doing it for only 4 days now (and at only 10 reps instead of 25) and already I'm seeing definition. And I've tried pretty much every Ab workout on pintrest and haven't seen these kind of results.

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Extreme workout to challenge yourself

10 Moves You Can Do With a BOSU - The BOSU ball isn't glamorous, but the gym staple sure is effective. It can make even the simplest exercises more difficult by adding a balancing aspect to your workout. Ready to accept the challenge? Read on for 10 ways to incorporate the BOSU ball into your routine.

OMG Burpees October Challenge

Weekend Workout! Unleash The Beast - 1000 rep challenge!

Crossfit Workout

A daily workout challenge for a solid month... doesn't look tough!

15 min total body workout.