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  • Noemi Hermann

    Wild Iris in the pastures near Bridgeport, CA photo by Dave M. #garden designs #garden decorating before and after #garden interior|

  • Tiara Roberts DelaChevrotiere

    Natural beauty! Wild Iris in the pastures near Bridgeport, CA

Gardens Inspiration, Natural Beautiful, Design Ideas, Wild Iris, Beautiful Flowers, Gardens Design, Photo, Gardens Sierra Nevada, Bridgeport Ca

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Bearded Iris. Reminds me of my Grandma DeSelms. She had a garden full of all colors and varieties of Iris.

Botanical name: Iris douglasiana; Common name: Douglas iris.

Wild Iris - Yellow iris in wetlands area of western Oregon near Portland. by Gary Grossman

Iris near Bridgeport, CA, in the eastern shadow of the Sierra Nevadas

All fruits, vegetables and flowers have a signature revealing what it heals or what its use is intended for. Someone needs to research this flower for neck and back pain curitives.

.heart of the flower is like the heart of you ... pure and golden:)

You know you're a country girl when you look at this picture and can imagine running trough this field on horse back.

Iris. My favorite flower. Would love a field full of every shade of purple.

Supreme Sultan Iris. Greek mythology had it that, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and the daughter of Thaumas and Electra.