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backonpointe.tumblr.com post 90480335186 amp

Diary of a Fit Mommy's 7 Day NO GYM Workout Plan (Diary of a Fit Mommy)

Diary of a Fit Mommy's 7 Day NO GYM Workout Plan (Diary of a Fit Mommy)

Spring in Your Step workout

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Burn 2,000 Calories on the Treadmill Stay slim on your treadmill all season with this 7-day plan from Jenny Hadfield, author of Running for Mortals. Monday Power walk: 30 minutes  Strength-train: 20 minutes  Total: 50 minutes  Tuesday Warm up: Walk easily, then briskly: 3 minutes  Power walk: 2 minutes  Run fast (but don't sprint): 2 minutes  Repeat Steps 1 & 2: 10 times  Cool down: Walk easily: 2 minutes  Total: 45 minutes  Wednesday Warm up: Walk easily: 5 minutes  Do your favorite…

Our Best Cardio Workouts: Treadmill, Elliptical, Spinning, and Equipment-Free Routines burn calories

Cross Fit Training w/ Lauren Rudge 8 by Alleh Lindquist, via Flickr

CrossFit Mamas- a mother of 4 decided to do cross fit as her husband has done for years. within 5 months she was in the best shape of her life and these workouts were done within minutes She altered the workouts to be done at home and for females.

Over-worked, under-slept, and feeling the pressure like whoa? There are plenty of ways to find calm — without investing in a four-hand spa massage. Turns out, all we need is a pair of healthy(ish) ...

6 Breathing Exercises To Relax In 10 Minutes Or Less

6 Breathing Techniques to Help You Relax. Finding time to unwind ain’t always easy. Good news is, the remedy could be just a few breaths away. Read on for the best expert-approved breathing techniques to help de-stress in no time at all.

Soon, we'll be crowning some new songs with this title. For now, enjoy these top hits from last year!

The 50 Best Workout Songs of the Year

The Top 50 workout songs of I always need song ideas and these are great! Side note: I'm almost embarrassed by how much I l

Kettle ball exercises are a great all-around workout.

22 Kettlebell Exercise: Kettlebell Workouts For Women