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After thirty years of working for a logging company, Rajan the elephant has retired to Havelock Island, where he spends his days sunning, swimming, and eating bananas on heavenly Beach No. Andaman, Elephant Love

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand - a haven for elephants rescued from abusive situations. If you are interested in ethical travel, you may wish to research the elephant situation in Thailand before deciding to ride one.

from My Cup Of Chai

Most Amazing Pics of India

Elephant Carved From Rock, India <3<3 Thank you from Rick & Reni at Eden’s Corner, a healthy place to visit!!inspiration/cpza Please give us a like on Facebook B-)

Yashica MAT Kodak Ektachrome Magic hour at the Lung Kwu Tan beach. The beach is located right at the border between Hong Kong & China. It is also dubbed as the smugglers' haven.