This pint-sized geography whiz helped Ellen get ready for her trip to Australia! You won't believe how much he knows about the world.

FREE SAMPLE UNIT - A-Z of Convicts of Van Diemen’s Land Author: Simon Banard Themes: Convicts, Transportation, British colonisation and settlement Years: Australian Curriculum: English Years 4 and 5; History Years 4 and 5; Geography Year 4 (NSW Stage 2 and Stage 3) Codes: AC – Australian Curriculum: English. History EN – NSW English syllabus for AC HT – NSW History Unit writer: Amanda Worlley

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Easy geography game for kids.

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Continent Twister - Geography Learning with a Twist! What a great way to begin the school year! This project has it all...cooperative learning, problem solving, mapping skills, even a rubric to assess the learning!

Geography Books for Kids

Australian Geography Series is a nine book blackline master series (Foundation to Year 7), written specifically for primary school students in Australia, studying Geography. All nine books are linked to the Australian National Curriculum.

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Geography Word Wall Cards


TV BREAKING NEWS An Unbelievable 4-Year-Old Dancer Performs for Ellen -

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The Living Murray Story: student activity and teachers guide. Suitable for Year 5-8.

This makes me so sad. This is exactly why teaching geography is important.

Just too adorable!

Children’s Books about Geography and World Cultures from


Ellen Degeneres pays attention to not being a bully. Thank You Miss Ellen!!! Today's society seems to reward bad behavior, bad manners and just plain being rude. It's wonderful to see you prove you can have your own show, and do great things without having to do it at other peoples expense :)