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    DIY Mouse Trap

    How To Build A Self-Resetting Mouse Trap (Super effective & it keeps catching mice)

    Mice: How to get rid of mice fast like a farmer does 1/18/13 this site is informative and funny How to get rid of DoDo Birds :) Anyway we bought peppermint tea to put in the drawers put a few drops of peppermint oil on them and going to spray the house. Still will use the traps but want to make it uncomfortable for them to even come in the house!

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    Some people... just have the best sense of humor....

    You Might Be A Redneck If...

    So clever funny

    Redneck tank top.

    If this was your experience every time you tried to get a glass of water? | 29 Ways Your Life Could Be A Million Times Worse

    Keurig coffee machines can make instant oatmeal, ramen, or anything else that just needs hot water. | 27 Clever New Ways To Use Your Kitchen Appliances....GENIUS!!!

    How to have your house smell like Pottery Barn.

    Go Away Mosquitoes Vicks wards off mosquitoes. Apply small dabs of Vicks VapoRub to your skin and clothes and mosquitoes will steer clear. If you do get bitten, apply Vicks to the area and cover it with a Band-Aid to relieve itching.

    The surprisingly well-prepared bucket head. | 31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

    Don't you just want to do this to random vehicles this winter? I am so doing this!

    Redneck chandelier

    Home Theft Protection: Secure Your Garage and keep the bad guys out with these inexpensive but very effective fixes

    you know your a redneck?.........What is this, a table boat? Pretty good idea, and it seems to be working, so what does the redneck comment mean?

    might be a redneck ...... lol

    Natural mouse repellent

    How to Build a Trap: 15 Best Survival Traps