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  • Deborah Guss

    Stunningly Creative and Unforgettable Print Ads - noupe WWF: Lungs The ad creatively blends imagery and message using disappearing forests (the planets lungs) to impact the viewer and stir them into action before as the ad says, it’s too late.

  • Kellie Flacke

    "Before It's Too Late," a graphic illustration of the role of trees on our planet.

  • Allison Bogusz

    The WWF took this picture to make an effective and powerful statement to society. This forest that looks like a picture of lungs that is being burned is trying to convey to the people how burning up these forests can affect us by adding even more carbon emissions into the air causing global warming to get worse. In turn this can cause problems such as pollution and in the end our health to be at risk.

  • Marion Dare

    The Harlem Shake: October #funny commercial #commercial ads #funny commercial ads #funny ads|

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