• Marilyn Aarsvold

    Laura's childhood memories - old school Nintendo!

  • Dana Lane

    old school Nintendo! I still have one..and it works! It's kind of sad I never beat the original Mario. =(

  • Amanda Billings

    The Original Nintendo. I loved playing the games with my family

  • Zoey Paige

    The Original Nintendo Gaming System (The 80s!!!! I'm seventeen. My sister and I used to have one of these. We used to play a lot of video games together...)

  • April Silva

    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - The first video game I ever played was Super Mario Bros., and it was the beginning of something special. The console was a basic looking thing, a little like a lunch box, but just looking at this photo takes me back. Look at that control pad! Just two action buttons, a 'start', a 'select' and the D-Pad....simplicity in itself. And no loading times....

  • Danielle Denis

    My brother and I had the original Nintendo! We played this from morning to night fall! I loved Super Mario Brothers the most! My very favorite!

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