tsumori chisato


earthy #leather #poudré #shimmer

paint strips

// Dior

Maud Vantours - Design http://www.arcreactions.com/m-salon-calgary-website-design-company-project/

Detail: Tory Burch Fall 2012

Tempête by Mireille Guerin.

embroidery by sabatina leccia studio

Dani Marti


Anne Kyyro Quinn, a London-based Finnish designer, sculpts industrial felt into a stylish array of home accessories

Distressed Textiles Design - woven fabric detail with disheveled white textures; fabric manipulation; experimental weaving

Fabric Manipulation - pleated fabric texture with fish scale pattern; textile design // Amy Pliszka

Wearable Metal Origami, Tine De Ruysser has developed an innovative flexible metal-textile composite. It has the appearance of a rigid multi-faceted object because the surface consists of metal platelets, yet is extremely flexible as it contains textile hinges.

Color Collective

francisca prieto {folded paper - botanicals}

Mixed media textiles design with bead-like fragments trapped between transparent layers - textile manipulation; innovative fabrics // Tzuri Gueta