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‘Easy Salsa’ has big pumpkin orange blooms with a wide halo of rich plum purple, and unique almost white filaments.

Fairy rose - best shrub rose ever. Can't kill it, blooms its head off all summer.

Iris barbudo Blowing Kisses


A Blooming Bleeding Heart Flower - A rare sight, Mom's favorite.

Ixia viridiflora


Cape Buttercup

Wild Rose by Dennis Jarvis #Rose

Pink Dahlia...

✯ Hot Pink Tipped Rose

Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' is a good. hardy climber that can beautifully decorate a pergola or fence.

Clematis ~ 'Ruriokoshi'

Mimosa: They look like a Dr. Seuss Flower

Purple and White Tulips

~Mango Passion Tall Bearded Iris~

Dahlia 'Matchmaker'

The black roses are found in a region in Turkey called "Halfatty" . They are very rare . This type has two colours ,which makes it 1000 Times RARE !!

~Mango Passion Tall Bearded Iris~

Diuris corymbosa ~ West Australian orchid

Blue Daisy

Autumn Flowers Helenium!

Filipendula rubra (Queen of the Prairie)...A show-stopping best seller with 'cotton candy' pink plumes, the Queen of the Prairie is a highlight in the summer prairie garden. Easy to grow, transplants spread by rhizomes, making it an excellent choice for naturalizing in moist meadows. Filipendula rubra prefers moist soil, and performs brilliantly in rich garden soil.

~~Ring of Fire Poppy Anemone | Collections Etc~~