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I love the simple, print-made quality of this fan generated 'The Lost Boys' poster. Two iconic images for anyone who knows the film.

One of my fav Harry memories was finally finishing Goblet of Fire, flying thru reading Order of the Phoenix to have Half-Blood Prince come out days later...i was on a Harry Potter high like no other! LOL

Warner Bros. logos from each of the Harry Potter films. harry potter

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy, Douglas Adams | 17 Groundbreaking Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books Everyone Should Read

The Godfather Trilogy 3 Movie Poster by FunnyFaceArt on Etsy, $30.00

Scorsese's Crime Trilogy Mean Street / Goodfellas by FunnyFaceArt, $15.00

Once Upon a Time. Making every Disney character much more attractive

Dead Poets Society (1989), really loved that movie RIP Robin Williams.

Not really a fan, but I can't deny the man's classic status.

Going to see this movie tonight so happy :) I even put on water proof mascara lol