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    Nick new girl

    This is BRILLIANT!

    She's amazing.

    Made me laugh


    The face of pure glee on the other kid’s face was hilarious!!! Watch this!!!!!

    This post | tumblr funny

    crying right now


    New Girl

    When you miss the last step on the stairs ~ Snow White

    You gotta love Finland!

    THIS xD

    Snapchats to guys VS. Snapchats to your BFF. Funny picture. Things for a laugh.

    How to get out of a social event

    hahahaha yes

    new girl | Tumblr

    if i made Art protest this would be his sign!!!!

    i laughed a little to hard at this

    Top ten new girl #quotes - Nick: We're going to Best Buy for Black Friday. Winston: Or as I call it, Friday.


    My favorite photo of Josh Hutcherson…

    Peeta Mellark’s text messages | Hunger Games Fandom