Un igloo de libros


myimaginarybrooklyn: Book Bath.

The Reader's Path, 2012 © Jeremiah D. MORELLI (Digital Artist, Middle School Teacher. Germany)

Art installation by Collumbian Doris Salcedo in the streets of Istanbul.

Igor Morski

Unexpected Layers of Glass Added to Stones and Books by Ramon Todo stone sculpture glass books


Montones de libros

Book installation

"The Scanner." This is an installation of books by Matej Kren at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna.

book art

3D Chalk Art - Julian Beever

Henrique Oliveira, Desnatureza, 2011. Wood, cement, pigments, installation created for Galerie Vallois, Paris

Catrin Welz-Stein

"Out of Narnia" book sculpture by Su Blackwell

This is an incredible installation titled 'Bibliophilism' was created from dumpster-bound books. Read the artist statement to find out more: By Pamela Paulsrud

Buenos amigos, buenos libros y la conciencia tranquila: esta es la vida ideal. -Mark Twain

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