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    Serial Killers

    Real Name: Unrevealed Aliases: No Known Aliases Wanted For: Murder Missing Since: 1993 Details: Interstate 70 runs from Baltimore, Maryland to Cove Fort, Utah. Beginning in April 1992, the highway has lent its name to a serial killer known as the "Interstate 70 Killer," who has committed a string of...

    I70 serial killer Still hasn't been caught.

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    H.H. Holmes America's first serial killer

    I find the psychology of serial killers to be beyond fascinating.

    America's First Serial Killer HH Holmes - INFOGRAPHIC

    Theodore Robert Cowell A.K.A. Ted Bundy broke every rule on what a serial killer should look and act like. He was attractive, smart, and had a future in politics. He was also one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history. Ted Bundy screamed his innocence until his death in the electric chair became imminent, then he tried to use his victims one more time - to keep himself alive. His plan failed and the world got a glimpse of the true evil inside him.

    Bob Berdella is a serial killer who kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered men.

    Serial Killer Wayne Williams (Atlanta Child Killer) DJing records in 1974. He was convicted of two murders of African-American children, and committed as many as 32.

    Jack the Ripper. The most well known serial killer of all time, notorious for the savagery of the murders, the chaos that ensued, and, most of all, for remaining unsolved to the present day.

    Genene Jones is a serial killer who killed somewhere between 11 and 46 infants + children working as a pediatric nurse in Texas. found guilty of one count of murder +

    Elisabeth Wiese (1 July 1853 – 2 February 1905) was a German serial killer from Hamburg, convicted and executed for the killing of five children.

    Serial Killers: Psychiatry, Criminology, Responsibility by Francesca Biagi-Chai (Bilbary Town Library: Good for Readers, Good for Libraries)

    Madame LaLaurie (1775 – 1842?) was a socialite serial killer known for the torture and murder of slaves. LaLaurie maintained a prominent position in the social circles of New Orleans until April 10, 1834, when responders to a fire at her Royal Street mansion discovered bound slaves who showed evidence of torture over a long period. LaLaurie's house was then sacked by an outraged mob of New Orleans citizens. It's thought that she fled to Paris, where she is believed to have died.

    www.en.wikipedia.... Belle Sorenson Gunness (1859-? / Norwegian-American)She killed most of her suitors+boyfriends+her 2 daughters,Myrtle+Lucy.She may also have killed both of her husbands+all of her children,on different occasions.Her apparent motives involved collecting life insurance,cash+other valuables,& eliminating witnesses.As late as 1931 she was reported alive+living in a Mississippi town,where she supposedly owned a great deal of property+lived the life of a doyenne