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I had these chocolate Cosmo's daisies in my last garden and they really smelt like chocolate!

Cosmos choca mocha.....they smell like chocolate!....

Silver bells™ Chocolate Vine Bears Sweet-Flavored Fruit and Smells Like Chocolate! This 15- to 20-ft. vine smells like dessert, & produces loads of lovely lilac-purple flowers from May through June. It bears unique, leathery leaves that grow in attractive clusters and are evergreen in milder climates. Can be used as a climber on arbors, trellises & fences or as a lush ground cover. Large, edible seedpods ripen in early autumn & taste like tapioca pudding! Plant two varieties for pollination.

What is this lovely tree? Love the balcony too.

Chocolate Cosmos-Plants don't get much better than chocolate cosmos, which both looks and smells like chocolaty goodness! The burgundy-maroon flowers appear all summer long on tall stems and bear a rich scent

Dew on a morning glory. ...And yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. ~Matthew 6:29

Chocolate Cosmos. I just bought some of these today! Beautiful flower.