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    Matt Smith in a fez

    Too funny!

    Matt Smith in a fez~your fez will be glued to your head as well Amanda Cota! ;)

    Matt Smith: Awesome since birth. And I believe it too.

    we love matt

    Oh, I don't think this is quite fair, I know Matt loves the show a lot too. But of the two, David IS probably the bigger fanboy... So I suppose I'll go along with it. Anyway, it's adorable regardless.

    He loves his fez.


    Oh River...always the same

    Doctor Who Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor's Ladies Purple Coat<<< oh my gosh I want!!!

    *Dies from adoration overload*

    Oh, River ;)

    Matt and Moffat talk about The Doctor and River.

    Love the Tennant and Matt Smith descriptions

    "Come along, Pond" was invented by Matt! So sweet! 💗

    Matt Smith/Doctor Who on 'Twilight'

    That's Matt Smith for you. Hahaha.

    Matt Smith: mega cool points

    So, I ordered a fez online and it came in the mail yesterday. I was parading around the house in it, and my friend (not a fan of Doctor Who) walks in. She says, and I quote, "What on EARTH do you have on your head?!". And I was like, oh my god. She SAID IT! She ACTUALLY said it! I look really smug, and reply, "It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool." My life is complete. I am the happiest person ever.

    The head won't come off and kill little children