Matt Smith in a fez

we love matt

Too funny!

Matt Smith in a fez~your fez will be glued to your head as well Amanda Cota! ;)

Oh, I don't think this is quite fair, I know Matt loves the show a lot too. But of the two, David IS probably the bigger fanboy... So I suppose I'll go along with it. Anyway, it's adorable regardless.

Give the Doctor a hand He also smacks himself on the head with that hand.

Oh River...always the same


So, I ordered a fez online and it came in the mail yesterday. I was parading around the house in it, and my friend (not a fan of Doctor Who) walks in. She says, and I quote, "What on EARTH do you have on your head?!". And I was like, oh my god. She SAID IT! She ACTUALLY said it! I look really smug, and reply, "It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool." My life is complete. I am the happiest person ever.

poor Matt Smith, I'm sure he loved that hat


Yes. They nailed it. This is why I love Matt Smith and will miss him so much.

Oh, River, River, River. More than a friend, I think.


The Eleventh Doctor Quotes in Matt Smith's voice...which is now in my head for the rest of the day. Yay!

Karen Gillan on being in Matt's last episode. Awwww

Ah Matt!


John Smith- this episode broke my heart... his face

Oh, River.

Favorite Matt Smith picture