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You only learn in times of adversity, never in times when all goes well. Maybe by your own choices you brought yourself to it, but God brought you through it, It is not so much who you became at the end, but how much stronger you became during the ordeal, that now you have the wisdom to never ever allow this to happen again in your life... ~~Angela

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Motivational quotes (The Good Vibe)

Motivational quotes

Motivational Quotes & Sales Quotes from motivational speakers like Zig ziglar & Brian Tracy. Please Pin, Like and Share :) ... #zigZiglar #briantracy #motivationalquotes #salesquotes #closerornot

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Remember THIS

I should remember this every day....there are SO many reasons to fail at everything and very often, too much logic and unbelief get in the way....but self belief can beat anything!!! 💪😃

There's always something good coming. Remember that. #wisdom #affirmations Guys chkout, This is a very powerful tool for anyone pursuing big business succcess the ultimate tool for the self-taught entrepreneur

Agreed! Every accomplishment I have achieved I have gone out, worked my ass off for and never took "no" for an answer. I pushed my body and mind beyond what I ever thought was possible and found my true strength and pride.

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Don't Focus on the Negative

Dear Self: Don't Focus on the Negative

This is an inspirational quote written, "If it matters to you, who cares if it matters to anyone else." I chose this quote because it can motivate anyone of any age to do something special to them. I am a dream chaser and I plan on making history. This quote resembles my reasoning to never stop trying to make something of myself.

"The expert in anything was once a beginner." In need to remember this while learning my new job. I should expect to be a pro right of the bat and be frustrated that I'm not. #motivation #motivational #inspiration #inspirational #quotes