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Gift Guide: For Furry Friends

  • tinsel + trim

    We got our cats #5. Unfortunately, they wouldn't even go near it. Also, it comes unassembled. Lame.

No bake dog treats! Cute for dog party :) Please visit to find out how you can help provide rescue animals with the medical care they need to stay happy and healthy.

"You wag your tail or snarl at website hosts, begging — or demanding — that they publish your great (or pretty good) guest posts. But you’re still getting rejected or just plain ignored. You feel like the least-loved dog in the Internet marketing pound." -Katherine Kotaw, founder and spirit of KOTAW Content Marketing

Old Friends Make the Very Bestest Of Best Friends

Hey Ashlee:They don't really know eachother and he's clearly showing off.I knew you'd understand.

Dog Confessions. Last one is for @Sarah Krcatovich and @Sherry Krcatovich

  • Chelle Scanlon

    So very true. I have a Yorkie/Maltese and he totally has a Napoleon Complex and only loves me when I give him treats

The benefits of owning a #dog Pretty paws LLC, dog grooming, Radcliff Ky

  • Clint Sr

    Golden are the BEST! Devoted Loving Pets! Our Girls just live to be near US!

Lindsey Faye Sherman is a graphic design student at Maryland Institute College of Art. She sent in this packaging for a gourmet dog treat line.

.Wouldn't it be wonderful if people were like this!

DIY Banana Carrot Dog Treat Recipe. An easy and healthy treat for your pup!

  • Megan Ruth

    Sometimes I wonder if people even know what a dog is. BROWN SUGAR? GRAINS? Sure, if you like dolling out the $$ for vet bills because your dog has ear/yeast infections of the skin. Newsflash, dogs are CARNIVORES, their bodies CANNOT adequately process excess sugars, which is being harmfully fed in these treats due to the addition of actual sugar (WHAT??!) and grains/carbohydrates which convert directly into... you guessed it... SUGAR.

  • Megan Ruth

    The ONLY thing actually beneficial to dogs in this recipe is the eggs. And maybe slightly the coconut oil. But really, stick to animal proteins and oils, that's what dogs were designed for.

  • Natalie Hannabass

    great recipe! I omitted the parsley but did everything else the same! :) They smell delicious and fresh. Even if they are not "healthy" it is a treat for christ sake and I am sure it is FAR better than all the treats recalled with strange chemicals in them that make dogs sick!

  • Natalie Hannabass

    Vets recommend that you give dogs carrots too! ♥

Keep your cat friends safe during the holidays with this infographic. Learn more here: