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Yongyan (Jiaqing Emperor) - 13 November 1760 Emperor Chinese The Jiaqing Emperor was the ruler of China in 1806, when the Chinese Embassy to England brought back Temeraire with William Laurence and his crew of aviators. The emperor's companion dragon was Temeraire's uncle, a male Celestial (possibly Lung Tien Chu).

Temeraire, Celestial - Temeraire and William Laurence from Naomi Novik's series of novels of the same name.

“A moment between Laurence and Temeraire in Empire of Ivory, set in France just before they go back to England to face the charges of treason.”

Temeraire is the Oprah of dragons

His Majesty's Dragon, p. 34 "That man who brought me the shark is in the water," Temeraire said presently, and Laurence followed his line of sight; through the nearly solid mass of rain he could see a blur of red-and-white shirt some six points abaft the larboard beam, and something like an arm waving: Gordon, one of the hands who had been helping with the fishing. [...] "He is too far from those ropes," Temeraire said. "I will go and get him."

Yes!! I love Arkady (from Temeraire) though I pictured him having more it anyway though XD

Temeraire the dragon and Laurence the former sea captain. They like books. From Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. Read it! It's awesome!