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  • Jim

    World War II: Photos We Remember | In this and dozens of other, similar pictures made at New York's Penn Station in 1944, LIFE's Alfred Eisenstaedt captured a private moment repeated in public millions of times over the course of the war: a guy, a girl, a goodbye — and no assurance that he'll make it back. By war's end, more than 400,000 American troops had been killed.

  • José Antônio Orlando

    "The kiss - Couple in Penn Station, jan. 1943", photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Veja também:

  • Emmy Gray

    Zahidee Mercedes - ‎Old Images of New York Group Farewell: A couple in Penn Station share a kiss before he ships off to WWII in December, 1943

  • Adrienne Blair

    World War II: Classic LIFE Magazine Pictures. A goodbye kiss at New York's Penn Station in 1944

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Soldiers saying goodbye at Penn Station. © Alfred Eisenstaedt

Soldiers saying goodbye at Penn Station. © Alfred Eisenstaedt makes you wonder... did he make it back?

Tender farewell at Penn Station, 1944 Photo by Alfred Eisenstadt

California National Guardsman hanging out window of train, kissing his wife goodbye.

Soldier tenderly kissing his girlfriend goodbye in Pennsylvania Station before returning to duty after a brief furlough.Location:New York, NY, USDate taken:1944Photographer:Alfred Eisenstaedt

Soldiers say their farewells at Pennsylvania Station New York,1943. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt

August 14th 1945. A day that changed America forever. This picture doesn't just show a "romance", it shows the relief that Americans had that the second Great War was over. Hundreds of people were celebrating that the war had ended, and this picture is a symbol of relief and celebration.