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One thing I have learned during my life is that no matter how bad things get, or how happy, Life goes on. It's always an adventure and it doesn't wait for anyone.

I made the biggest mistake of my life doing what i was doing, i regret everything, to be this scared it hurts me, i am deeply deeply sorry, im sat here crying as i type this as i fucked up. Please understand why i cant talk to you until you know the decision. I love you and cant wait to see you xxx

When In Doubt, Vacation - perfect quote for the weekend!

i have no time for your negative bullshit This might be a weird thing to put in Moments & Wishes but To explain: I want no negative bul shit in my life.

Hardest thing to do is stand up for what is right especially with little or no support! Do it anyways!

Adventures More Good Energy, New Adventure, Crossword Puzzles, Quotes, My Life, Truths, Life Mottos, Life Goals, Crossword Truth. Quotes My Life. I Just Want To Go On More Adventures. Be Around Good Energy. Connect With People. Learn New Things. Grow. #quotes #wheelofhealth #thelocalwheel This is my life motto. This accurately sums up my life goals Adventure, travel, wanderlust quote: Good Energy, New Adventure, Crossword Puzzles,