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  • Iris Ávila

    Ya no me interesas en lo más mínimo. Te dí oportunidad de contestar, me olvidé de mi orgullo y te dije DE CORAZÓN lo que sentía a pesar de tu correo hipócrita... El ciclo se cerro definitivamente... ♥

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There is a wonderful freedom and sense of peace that comes with accepting yourself. Only then are we free from other's comments. Ivet H. P.

only one person will understand you and love you the same after you have been through it all

I need to do this. Right now, every one and every thing else takes priority and it's becoming tiresome in the extreme

Just remember if its not directly out of my mouth you are not getting the truth, you are getting the version they want you to here!!! You should know me better....

Altough we never said it to each other, I think we both knew. #PictureQuotes, #Love If you like it ♥Share it♥ with your friends. View more #quotes on

I offered dating advise to my friend the other day. Being she was a friend, I had thought she would have known of my good intentions; but she didn't. I wasn't rude, blunt or harsh... It hurts me to know how much she took my words out and warped them. I saw today on Facebook a "indirect" status about our conversation which was mean. I now learned, I have one less friend.

One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others. ~ lewis carroll