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A Vimala Alphabet Practice Page

Vimala Alphabet

Watercolor Vimala Alphabet Cards

Make Cursive practice cards/ waldorf watercolor

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Handwriting ~ Vimala Alphabet ~ Letter C ~ video

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Handwriting ~ Vimala Alphabet ~ Letter B ~ video

Get your students excited about poetry. Click HERE for a FREE high-interest lesson!

beautiful alphabet art

Soul Development Through Handwriting: The Waldorf Approach to the Vimala Alphabet. Soul Development through Handwriting cultivates the noble qualities to which Waldorf education has long been devoted through the use of specific forms for shaping letters. The Vimala Alphabet was meticulously designed to support independent thinking, engaged willpower, balance, tolerance, honor, and intuition, as well as strengthening the developing soul forces of children. This book considers personal charac

for clouds weather earth science lesson. homeschool unit study

Use these FIVE FULL WEEKS of lesson plans as you take your students through the magic and scandals of Greek mythology. Help your students connect the themes of the classic tales to our modern world and their own lives. Beautifully designed, relevant activities will make the NEXT 25 DAYS of your class sparkle as students look forward to each day's adventure. Lots of challenging fun!

Depth and Complexity with fairytales! Everything you need to introduce and teach the 11 icons to your students.

Do your students use IXL? My kids love IXL. I created a sticker book for students to put stickers next to each skill after it is mastered. What kid doesn't love stickers? This one is made for 2nd grade. I also have IXL Sticker Books made for 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade. If you teach one of those grades, please check out my store.

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Letters ~ Old Freedom Train - Steiner Inspired Alphabet Book

How to Teach Homeschool Art Without a Curriculum #art #kids #teaching #family #DIY

Letter Of The Week

Add rigor to your students’ enjoyment of Dead Poets Society with these three separate lessons that focus on the poetry Mr. Keating presents to his students in the film. #DeadPoetsSociety #WaltWhitman

Hamo's Snake for the letter S.

Teaching high school students to read poetry closely!

Something like that couldn't happen today...right? Show your students how modern witch hunts continue to plague our world. Click here for a 6-day lesson plan to conclude your study of Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible.

GENIUS! hot glue tacks to clothes pins, hanging classroom work has never been so easy! You could even decorate/paint the clothespins first to go with the classroom color scheme.