• amy šŸŽ€

    How to decalcify your Shark Steam Cleaner.

  • Megan Asmus

    How to decalcify your Shark Steam Mop if it stops steaming, but the heating element is still working. // This worked! I will probably do this as routine maintenance. I use distilled water, always, but still got a clog.

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We love the shark steam mop its totally amazing and we have a shark steam mop tip! #macys #sharkmop #weddingchicks

just added vinegar to my shark steam mop...wood floors are shining like new!!

Shark steam mop not steaming...CLR worked for this guy. I used pure white vinegar and had mine working in no time at all!

If you use a shark steam mop, spray your favorite linen spray or febreeze scent on top of mop before starting. As you mop the steam vaporizes the scent throughout your whole house

What to do if your shark steam mop stops STEAMING. :D

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