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  • Dudley Krajcik

    #tattoo #tattoo design #tattoo patterns|

  • Emily

    finally. a cute, well-done and classy bow tattoo. i havent seen one until now

  • Jacquline Isaacs

    yeah i think this little tattoo is kinda adorable

  • Samantha

    bow finger tattoo

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I think I want a family tree. When we got married the oak tree was a symbol we used, the oak for its endurance, the fruit (acorn) for its fertility. Now I'd like to tie all of those things together with my kids, my hubs and our oak tree all together permanently on my body. :)

Idk if I would ever have the guts to do this...but this would be pretty awesome if I was a cardiac nurse.

OK Alisha... this will be the continuation of the lower back piece (just up higher) OFFICIALLY IN LOVE with this tattoo.

The detail on this cameo piece in great, and I love the design (even though I'd never get a chest tattoo).

Planning on getting a tattoo with my sons name, date of birth, and his footprint. I LOVE how this looks, so I'm totally stealing this and making it a bit smaller and having his name in this format with the date of birth under it where the bottom of the "L" is and then the footprint under that.

Cutest little tattoo ever. If I were ever to get a tattoo (which I can't cause my parents would actually kill me) I'd probably get something like this :)

I'm not a huge fan of tattoos usually but I would love always having this on my wrist this idea to incorporate the infinity symbol...have been looking for quite some time for this!

Pequeño tatuaje en el antebrazo en el que pone "this too shall pass", que traducido al castellano significa "esto también pasará".