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  • Tysen Klafke

    Full Moon over the ocean. Breathe taking....Night on the water where the moon merges into the horizon and seems so close that I can touch it.

  • Sandi Bratley

    When I was young my Father & S-Mother took out on the shrimp boat (Lady Rowena) with them for a week, yet for the rest of my life I was enchanted by the Moon's light dancing over the oceans waves. If I could have reached out to touch it I imagined that it would feel like black velvet. An experience I will never forget!.. Sandi Chauvin Bratley.. Photo unknown.

  • K c M i s h

    Changing my profile picture to this.

  • Annie Mack

    luz de la luna

  • Nimz Eggermont

    Full Moon shining high in the sky over the water, lighting up the night skies and shining, sparkling in the water. Love this!! -Soleil Designs (look at the moon she glows for you .. reminding us of all our ancestors and the dreams they set for you in the night sky )

  • Hannah Johnston

    Those summer nights

  • True Self Solutions

    #black as #night | #fullmoon

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