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He knows. And she knows that he knows. And she knows about him. And he knows she knows. Only in Doctor Who could that not only make perfect sense but also break our Whovian hearts.

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31 Signs Eleven Is Your Doctor

This is a perfect pictorial representation of me talking about physics or Doctor Who or anything else I love.

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12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords

12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords<<< "Who the hell let River Song supervise children" that comment made my day!!

River: "Hello, I'm the Doctor's wife." Rose: "Hello, so am I." Doctor: "Fuck my life!!!...." XD

River Song and the Doctor sinc up their diaries. The Eleventh Doctor and Easter Island. " Have you seen the statues? They worshiped you there! "

"Very, very interestingly, Steven has told Alex Kingston, who plays River, everything. Everything, about the whole story, about the whole arc, about where it’s all going, because her character is meant to know because she’s from the Doctor’s future. But told me nothing. So Alex knows. Which is infuriating." -Matt Smith. So when she says "Spoilers," she means it.

It was perfect, really. Bringing Rose back in the way we had expected would have taken much longer and would have detracted from the Doctor. This way told us so much about her and their relationship, even in a roundabout way, it was perfect.

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The Perfect Ending to a Strange Life (Doctor Who fanfiction) - Chapter 40-The Angels Take Manhattan- Part Two

Doctor who funny wife- Google Search/// REPIN. Heck yes!