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    • Sharon Keeney

      Crazy Cat Lady Bridal Bouquet - That's the ultimate, way better than flowers. And ok, now I will marry you

    • Amanda Culp

      If I'd get more enjoyment out of this than a bouquet of flowers does that mean I'm a crazy cat lady already...? :)

    • Trainer dog & cat wellness

      This would be the indicator that I have found my dream guy! Kitteh Kats - cat, cats, kitty, gatto, puss, kitten, katzen, gatti, kat, katze, basically cats

    • WallyBed Pet Beds

      Help save a life this kitten season! So many precious kitties!!! #rescue #cats #animals

    • Tracie Rebsamen

      Hello, Ma'am. Are you the Crazy Cat Lady? I'm delivering the bouquet you ordered.

    • Crazy 8

      Forget roses, send the one you love a bouquet of kitties! #cats #kittens #adorbs

    • Laura Stidham

      Kitty bouquet! Perfect for that crazy cat lady in all of us!

    • So Fresh ❤

      #cats #kittens #funny #animals #pets

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    Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit

    The struggle is real...

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    Try to not get warm tinglies while staring at this. Just try. #kitty

    This little kitty is so cute !!!

    "No, I'm not a Bear!" - I would be SO rich if I had a $1 every time I was asked this question.

    Best disguise ever!

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    real men

    LOL! I don't know if anyone else finds these retarded little pictures/captions funny, maybe just me in my over-tired state of being, but this really made me laugh. the kitten is so cute!! did I mention I love food?

    Bengal cats. ♥ SOOO CUTE!!

    Sink full of kitties. A group of cats is called a "glaring." With this photo it's easy to tell why. [Animals, Pets] #NerdMentor