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  • Gabby Perkins

    sled dog humor

  • Ian J Treu

    A Siberian Husky, my favorite kind of dog. Also want to train up to running a full marathon.

  • Shelbi Carroll

    Funny Animal Memes for 2013.. I am so against Dog Sledding. If u want to go faster then dogs are not the answer, cars are.

  • Patricia King

    funny husky picture with caption | funny dog meme of a Siberian Husky

  • Bryn

    Oh, you ran a marathon? idk why i thought this was so funny!

  • Kathy Sacha Hendra

    Funny dog pictures. Cute, crazy captured dogs, puppies

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It's sad because I'm a vet tech... but it's so true!!!! (one of my classes even taught and tested me on cat breeds)

"We always feed our dogs at 5pm. I tried to explain daylight savings time to them. They took it pretty ruff." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Beagle

The last time didn’t go so well…

"Also, I've relieved the contents of my bladder into your shoes."

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The only thing scary enough to keep your dog off of the couch haha

Some older, wiser dog must have gotten ahold of Scooter in the beginning and given him this advice. Jackson, maybe...?

I usually don't post pictures with text but this one was soooo funny!!

Wow. So freaking cute. Just keep him in your pocket and pull him out when you're having a bad day -- I want.

ALL my dogs are like this! LOL