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from aufeminin

Robert Pattinson - l'album du fan-club

Twilight. Lovely pic.

Gossip Girl, Dexter, American Horror Story, True Blood , Bad Girls Club, Love Games : Bad Girls Club, 90210, Army Wives, Once upon a time, PPL, Law & Order: Special Victims, SOA, Degrassi, The Walking Dead, Jersey Shore, Awkward, F.i.e.n.d.s, Teen mom 1& 2, & the client list.

cute navy blue spotty dress with red cardigan

still looking for a guy who looks/dresses like chuck bass.

@nicole watson - this shirt's for you! :)

excuse me while i pick myself up off the floor

O MY! THIS IS AN UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF ROB!!!! My heart dropped to my feet and all the way down through the floor to the foundation of my house, when I saw it!