cleaning cubby

Pretty Utility Cabinet

21.) Add a small cabinet to extra space in the kitchen for cleaning supply storage.

broom closet..or other slim storage

Good ideas....anyone else think the vacuum is in "backwards"? It looks pretty but isn't practical.

Great idea for storing gift wrap with wire closet shelving - smart!

Easy Organization 18 tips, hints and ideas to make organization easy and simplify everyday living

Sorting Station: My mom has one of these. I want one....

These are adorable!!!!Great idea..Old door add light fixtures! Love this..

cleaning closet.

love the baskets in the crates.

Kids closet....Laundry Basket in Closet. No need for hampers and can take it straight to the laundry.

Replace a door with a bookcase

Transformed a regular old laminate cabinet into a useful storage bench.

DIY Storage Unit with window seat. Easy, affordable and great storage for a child's bedroom!

Love the idea of having an ironing board on wheels and how great would it be if the board folded down on the end of the cart until needed?

Space saving food storage and rotation system. For renters, build on plywood sheets, screw to wall then unscrew when you move.

Buying or building a shelving unit that can slide in and fit around the toilet is a great use of space. This bathroom hack is perfect for renters because it can slide in and out without damaging the wall.

closet idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

organize cleaning supplies :)