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Cappy Counard

Cappy Counard One and Many

Cappy Counard

Cappy Counard

Cappy Counard

Cappy Counard

cappy counard

Necklace by Cappy Counard

nice piece by Lynn Cobb

Karine Rodrigue

Roger Rimel - he be da' man!

Ben Neubauer

Vina Rust Everything she does is excellent

Roger Rimel, St. Louis jeweler, I love his work!

Jeanie Pratt Sterling silver, fine silver, 22K gold, 18K gold, 14K gold, birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera priamus) wings, beetle wings (Chrysina spectabilis, Chrysina gloriosa, & Chrysochroa purpureiventris), opal, ammolite, star sapphire, amber (with insect inclusions), rutilated quartz, citrine, green topaz, peridot, freshwater pearls, enamel, resin Bobbin lace, knitting, looping, stitching, etching, enamel, fabrication

John Paul Miller - wow

Tory Burch toggle bracelet

Kelly Robinson SIUE student of Paulette Myers wonderful artist

Roger Rimel The jeweler that I would most like to emulate.

Andy Cooperman, the back of the brooch. The best artists finish the back of the work as nicely as the front.