Ian Somerhalder. I'm jealous of an elephant now.....

World Animal Day is October and we’re honoring it by supporting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation’s Animal Sanctuary in Louisiana. OMG Ian Somerhalder on a elephant to cute and hot at the same time :)

Ellie, ellie ellie***


Got Your Nose hehe ya more like * I got your a death grip move and I will kill u*

Funny pictures about I Got Your Nose. Oh, and cool pics about I Got Your Nose. Also, I Got Your Nose photos.

Woman & Elephant by Sean & Seng. I will now have to consider this outfit while feeding the baby elephants every morning.

Ich liebe Elefanten.  Das Bild ist so süß.  von inatu

This affectionate scene was not staged. The elephant were recorded holding trunks while walking in Masai Mara, Kenya, as shown in the doc "One Life.


I chose this image for shadow and reflection because Elephants are my favorite animal. I love how the Elephant is reflected in the body of water that he is standing next to and also, how the sunset creates his silhouette.

Elephant in a field of wild marigolds.

somehow his hiding is not going spiffy. Elephant in a field of wild marigolds

My Christian

Photographer Angelo Kritikos shares with us his radiant cover story of Defy magazine with Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder.

Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder on Fifty Shades of Grey Casting Rumors: “Nothing’s Official”

It’s hard to believe that Ian Somerhalder is almost but some people just keep getting sexier with age! He could play Christian Grey!

Ian Somerhalder...great scene if you know it ;)

His face after Elena tells him that she loves him. Damon's face was priceless! But it wad all the sire bond

Ian Somerhalder... favorite ... love a man and a baby =] ahhh

Vampire Diaries Cute Pics of the Day — Ian Somerhalder Cuddles With His Nephew on the Set