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  • Ashlee Lipkind

    Dog Portrait

  • PBLK Comunicação

    Ação para a marca de rações Hill's traz um cão e um gatinho pra lá de aventureiros. #Dog #Art

  • ANNONCE - vše má svou cenu a příběh

    Advertising Agency: Red Fuse, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Gail Penney

    A collaboration between Creative Director Marek Farkas, Art Director Jiri Horut and photographer Miro Minarovich -- 'Life is an Adventure. It is an image series that portrays kittens and puppies playfully placed within elaborate scenes bringing their adventures to life.

  • Oma Piriya

    Cute idea #pet food campaign

  • K. Fairbanks

    Puppy in sail boat scene

  • Japan FunWalker

    Fun way to take a memory picture of your dog, cat, baby and even yourself...

  • Desirae Friesen

    A Puppy & A Kitten Have Safe Adventures With Ordinary Household Items in Photo Series

  • Tohiko Lieotrakool

    Adventurous Animal Photography - The Puppy Kitten Photo Series is Utterly Heart-Melting (GALLERY)

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