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How to Grow Basil from Cuttings (via @garden_therapy and @rainforestgrdn) #gardening #herbs #basil

Introducing lady bugs into the garden for aphid control.

rainbow vegetable garden

To prevent the larvae of the cabbage worms from burrowing into heads of cabbage, cover each head with a nylon stocking, and leave it on until harvest time. This method typifies good organic gardening pest control – rather than fight pests after they appear on your vegetables, take preventative measures to stop them from getting near your vegetables in the first place.


Alternatives to traditional "in-ground" victory gardens

Click over to win a copy of Small-Space Container Gardens: "When you see all her ideas, you’ll understand why Fern is so inspired. Throughout her gardening guide, the author shares design tips, planting advice and do-it-yourself projects for creating a sensational small space garden, regardless of where you live."

The Kitchen Garden Planner at Gardener's Supply is a great tool.

"As recently as 5 December 2011, [SNAP program website] indicated that SNAP can be used to purchase “Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat.”

Grow vegetables in partial shade! Learn how!

A victory garden can come in containers, too!

If you find tiny green grenades like these in your garden, I can tell you whom to blame.

Kate Copsey (pictured) of America's Home Grown Veggies interviews Pamela Price of re: Victory Gardens

Brush up on the history of Victory Gardening with the Growing a Greener World gang! (2010 season)

Paper mache seedling pots. Easy, fun and almost free to make. ♥

Companion planting tips

A historian looks back at Victory Gardens

Ruby Red Swiss chard is an easy-to-grow vegetable. <---Delicious, nutritious and pretty in a border, too.

How to make your own garden-grown red pepper flakes

How to save heirloom tomato seeds

Includes link to spread sheet to track your veg garden's productivity. Post by Rosalind Creasy

You can use trap crops like sorghum to reduce damage sucking pests do to your crops like tomatoes.

Homemade Compost Tumbler

A mobile app helps you easily find a food bank where you can donate extra veggies